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#YoungCalifornia Featured DJ: J. Espinosa

jespinNext up on #YoungCalifornia’s featured DJ is J Epsinosa the Power 106 Los Angeles, Wild 94.9 San Francisco, official DJ for the Oakland Raiders & SF Giants DJ! Make sure you hit the jump to learn about how he became a DJ, his biggest influences, how he got his name, his favorite part of being a DJ and his favorite tracks from the West Coast! Read more…

Where are you from and how did you become a DJ?
I’m from the Bay Area. Livermore, CA to be exact

What is the significance of your DJ name? How did you get it?
My homie Nick G. actually suggested the idea to use the “J” my name is Joseph. I actually hated the idea, but I never could think of a cool DJ alias, so I kept the “J. Espinosa” Im actually still trying to come up with a cool DJ name 15 years later

Who are your top 5 biggest influences?
My influences honestly change day to day. I get inspiration from all types of things, and a lot of times it’s not any one person. Could be a DJ who is great on the mic, or someone who has a really dope selection of music, or even style. I love hearing anyone do what they are great at doing. I know that sounds very broad, but it’s what inspires me! I was listening to Pharrell’s radio show the other day (Othertone) and honestly just hearing him speak is pretty inspiring.

What is your favorite part about being a DJ?
DJing is my life. It’s tough to name just one part that’s my fav part. Lately i’ve been traveling a lot, Djing all over the country for crowds I’ve never been in front of, and that excites me. It’s always like a new guessing game of which records are gonna work in the different cities, and then I always have to do my research to find the poppin songs in each city. I love bringing new music that might be big in one city, and playing it in other cities. Even when I go out of town and play west coast music, it’s alway dope when people rock with it. Suprisingly there are a TON of people from the west coast all over the country! I always get a hi-5 from a random person, and they tell me they are from the Bay.

What are some of your favorite tracks coming out of the West Coast right now? 
I know im probably late to this, but i’ve been bumpin Anderson Paak’s “Venice” album lately. P-Lo just put a new EP out that’s really dope. Bobby Brackins new record with Ty is tight, called “Faithful” & lastly Zendaya’s new record with Chris Brown is really cool. Gotta love that TLC sample!

What’s the one thing aside from music that you love the most?
I am on a mission to find all the clothes I had in High School right now. It’s kind of turned into a hobby outside of DJing. I’ve been thrifting a lot lately, looking for some gems!

Where can people learn more about you? 
If you wanna keep up with me and my travels, and life / parties etc you can just follow me on Instagram @DJJEspinosa Snapchat: DjDavidGuetta any links to all other stuff is up on www.DJJEspinosa.com

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