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The Business and Success of Tyler, The Creator

Tyler-Creator-Hypebeast-Magazine-01Having known Tyler, The Creator pre-Goblin era, ever since we found him yelling at kids on our forum and the comments sections on our music-orientated site HYPETRAK, we’re fortunate to have watched his career blossom from a rapper to a celebrity personality, a fashion designer and brand owner, a director, publisher, media organizer, and an all-around influencer on not just the youth, but his peers and even predecessors; you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone in the music industry young and old that hasn’t seen or have heard of the renown Tyler, The Creator. Read more…


Born Tyler Gregory Okonma, the 24-year-old built his empire within his home of Southern California, but has amassed recognition on all creative fields that he has accomplished the world over. These include not only his personal musical persona, but also the music collective he’s a part of, Odd Future, his fashion brand Golf Wang, his music festival Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival, and practically everything else that he’s created or is associated with. In essence, Tyler has conceived a one stop shop with multiple platforms of entertainment and creativity for his family and friends first, followed by the masses, all of which relate in some way to the down-to-earth approach associated with everything Tyler.

It is then without doubt that The Creator is as by the word’s definition, an entrepreneur. The long list of achievements as stated above is a testament to that, which is why we wanted to shine some light on the business side of what he does, as opposed to the limelight he tends to bask in. In the midst of preparing for this year’s upcoming Camp Flog Gnaw, Tyler was probably forced by his management to sit down and answer our questions about what it really takes to conceptualize, execute and manage so many avenues of creativity, in the hopes of understanding the true grit and work of what goes on behind the curtains.

Read the rest of the article via HYPEBEAST by clicking HERE.

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