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#YoungCalifornia Featured DJ: DJ Shabazz

featuredshabNext up on #YoungCalifornia’s featured DJ is DJ Shabazz from The Bay! If your throwing a party he’s the man to call, so make sure you hit the jump to learn about how he became a DJ, his biggest influences, how he got his name, his favorite part of being a DJ, his favorite tracks from the West Coast and a lot more! Read more…

Where are you from and how did you become a DJ?
I was originally born in Oakland California but I grew up in small town 45 mins north of the Golden Gate Bridge called Rohnert Park.

I became a DJ because amens cousin, DJ Tytan is one of my best friends. Every night when I wanted to do some out of pocket shit they wanted to just DJ, so I said fuck it, let me see what this is all about. I was younger then them, I carried amend milk crates of records in clubs back then.. lol 13 years later, we are here and it’s paying the bills and I don’t have to carry his bag anymore. hahah

What is the significance of your DJ name? How did you get it?
Malcom X was apart of the Nation of Islam under Elijah Muhammad.. He took a trip to Mecca and realized the difference between Islam and the Nation of Islam and he changed his name to el Malik hajj Shabazz, so it was an easy pick for me .. Malcom has been my spirit animal since I was young…


Who are your top 5 biggest influences?
My top 5 biggest influencers are Raf Simons, Future, John Nash , Dolla and ASAP Rocky.

What is your favorite part about being a DJ?
Best part about being a DJ is breaking records and just controlling the crowd and giving them the soundtrack to escape their reality.

What are some of your favorite tracks coming out of the West Coast right now? 
Some of the tracks I fuck with from the west right now arel Tay way “Fuck It Up,” Kaimayah “How Does It Feel,” Mozzy “bladdah,” and anything my little brothers Skeme, IAMSU!, P-Lo, Marc E Bassy, Bobby Brackins and Showy drop.


What’s the one thing aside from music that you love the most?
My life outside of music consists of fashion… Lived in NYC when I was younger and was introduced to the fashion gods of the world, which consumed my life, still does to this day. I started designing clothes which kinda took off when Justin Timberlake wore my shit in a MasterCard commercial and Trey Songz wore a whole fit when Drake brought him out at OVO Fest and whole bunch of other cool people as well. Which then made me want to fill a void in San Francisco on a high fashion menswear boutique, so we opened one In union square called LANE, 11 maiden lane, come fuck with us 🙂 

Where can people learn more about you? 
You can learn about me more on the good old gram @shabazzo, houseofshabazz.com, Twitter @djshabazz, crazy ass snap @shabazzo or just find me in person, I’m not hard to find!

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