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Hella Juiced: Yung Pinch

JUICEgramAt just 20 years old, Yung Pinch from Huntington Beach, CA, continues to carve his own path creating his own genre of music: a hybrid of West Coast Hip Hop, R&B, and trap. With his breakout hit single “Rock With Us” finally getting radio play, Pinch has been creating major buzz in the industry, landing himself next to some of music’s hottest artists, including Zaytoven, YG, Mozzy, and even Dillon Francis. Read more…

On Sunday (September 9), festival-goers populated Angel Stadium in Anaheim, CA for day three of the second annual Day N Night Fest. Joining headliners Kendrick Lamar, YG, and 21 Savage, a cheerful, energetic Yung Pinch greeted me backstage in the artist compound. Hopping in the golf cart alongside the Beach Boy artist, this immediately turned into a conversation on-the-go, as he made his best efforts to catch Trippie Redd’s performance.


Young California: For those who don’t know, who is Yung Pinch?

Yung Pinch: Yung Pinch is a white boy from the beach that makes very real life music, and just keeps it very true to himself and the people. That’s who Yung Pinch is.

YC: You recently posted with YG and Zaytoven in the studio. Can you tell me about that?

Yung Pinch: Ohhh. I can’t say much, other than there’s some magic on the way. Some definite magic. Some fire.


YC: You’ve worked with Zaytoven before, right?

Yung Pinch: Yeah, we been in the studio a couple times before. A great dude. A legend. Very talented.

YC: How would you describe your sound?

Yung Pinch: My sound is wavy. It’s that new wave shit. It’s feel good music. It’s positive music.

YC: “Rock With Us” is up to 3 million views on Youtube. How you feeling?

Yung Pinch: Shit, man. Got spun on the radio. I’m blessed. Thank God. Amen.

YC: In the music video, you got the Gucci slides on. Is this the lifestyle you’re living now?

Yung Pinch: Yeah, I got some on right now. Wassup? I got them everywhere with me. Those shits are priceless right there. It’s designer shit, but I draw on it, do shit, wear it in the sand — cause you know, it’s just materialistic shit. You can’t care too much about it.

YC: What’s the story you want to tell with your music?

Yung Pinch: Shit, my life. Make shit for people to be able to relate to and feel good. Just positive, feel good music.

YC: You’re a kid from the OC. You got the image of a skateboarder. Is it hard for people to take you seriously as a rapper?

Yung Pinch: Juice County. Some beach boys shit. All that in one. It’s a serious thing to be taken. You know me, I just keep it cool — just for myself.  I used to skate. I’m from the beach. I love rap music and this whole culture since I was young. It’s a lot for me to be able to be in here doing my thing. It’s a blessing.


YC: Your last project, 714Ever, had you putting on for your hometown. What’s next?

Yung Pinch: Shit, really just been stacking new music and keeping it pushing. Touching the fans and getting in front of everybody as much as I can. Really just stacking new music, there will be some shit coming.

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