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Tyler the Creator Talks Cookies, Clothes, Kanye & Crying with GQ

Cookies and Marni. That’s the agenda today as Tyler, the Creator, and I ride around Paris and shoot the shit. Tyler can be incredibly specific in his tastes. Today he wants white-chocolate cookies from a particular bakery he went to the last time he was in Paris. Read more…

And he’s looking for a certain gray two-piece suit he saw a black guy with a high-top wear in an editorial. He knows what he wants. But he doesn’t have any other information on the bakery. We literally typed “Paris Cookie” in Google. (And found it!) And just went by the nearest Marni, which unfortunately didn’t have the suit. But, to be fair, it could have been from seasons ago. He’s fixated on the suit, which is surprising for a guy who’s famous for his fractured attention span. I’ll give you an example:

Where did you get your love of jazz from?
I don’t know. It’s just what my ear gravitates to. My mom played some around the house. But it’s just certain things, musically, that my ears just gravitated to since a young child. And that’s why—HOPE YOU GUYS DON’T GET ATTACKED!

I’m not sure who Tyler was yelling at. Maybe our crew, who was packing up after the shoot. Maybe his friend Jasper or tour manager who followed behind us in a car. Maybe the random janitorial staff who was exiting the building in front of us. It was one of many, many outbursts that day from the boy genius. All topped off with his deep, comical villain laugh and cat-that-ate-the-canary grin.

Check out the rest of the story via GQ

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