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#YoungCalifornia Featured DJ: UNiQU3

Next up on #YoungCalifornia’s featured DJ is DJ UNiQU3 from Modesto, California! Make sure you hit the jump to learn about how he became a DJ, his biggest influences, how he got his name, his favorite part of being a DJ, favorite tracks from the West Coast and a whole lot more! Read more…

Where are you from and how did you become a DJ?
I’m from Modesto, Ca. I started DJ’n when I spent my financial aid money from school on a controller my freshman year in college. I use to be one of the weird people at the club standing by the DJ trying to learn what he’s doing just be watching.

What is the significance of your DJ name? How did you get it?
The name Uniqu3 is obviously “unique” but I figured that name was taken up a hundred times so I changed the “e” to a “3”. “Unique” is super cliche but I honestly feel like I move and think differently than a lot of people. Everyone has their own ways and opinions but I think my character and philosophies really separate me and make me unique.

Who are your top 5 biggest influences?
Can’t name 5 but my biggest influence in life has to be my mother who raised my sister, brother and myself on her own. She worked hard to give us a life she never had as a kid. As a DJ my biggest influence is Carisma. How respectful and respected she is everywhere amazes me. How she carries herself. Continuously breaking barriers in the game and making history. Not just the biggest female DJ but one of the biggest DJs in the game, period. Since I moved to LA, most if not all the biggest blessings I’ve got have been from her. A real testimony of how loyalty and being a good friend can really bring great energy and blessings into your life.

What is your favorite part about being a DJ?
Leaving the club with more money instead of less money.

What are some of your favorite tracks coming out of the West Coast right now?
My songs I’ve had on repeat lately are Young Blacc feat. AD & Joe Moses “These Hoes For Everybody,” OT Genasis’ “Bae” & Roddy Ricch’s “Project Dreams” “Die Young” and “Every Season.”

What’s the one thing aside from music that you love the most?
My family and the few people who stuck by my side through all the times I was stuck in the mud.

Where can people learn more about you?
I post everything on my Instagram @djuniqu3

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