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‘A Quiet Place’ Final Trailer

In the modern horror thriller ‘A Quiet Place,’ a family of four must navigate their lives in silence after mysterious creatures that hunt by sound threaten their survival. If they hear you, they hunt you. Check out the final trailer above.


‘A Quiet Place’ Official Trailer

A family lives an isolated existence in utter silence, for fear of an unknown threat that follows and attacks at any sound. Check out the official trailer for ‘A Quiet Place’ above and let us know what you think in the comments.


‘A Quiet Place’ Trailer

Paramount Pictures has kept the story line for this film under wraps, but now we get the trailer for ‘A Quiet Place’ portraying a family living on a remote farm as they’re terrorized by some unseen threat. “Listen closely, move carefully, and never make a sound. If they can’t hear you, they can’t hunt you.”

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