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Nipsey Hussle inked a new deal and dropped his new single from his ‘Victory Lap’ album last month. That single is “Rap Niggas” and it came with the pre-order for his new project. The track got an official video with him rolling around and dancing on his block in Los Angeles, now check out the behind the scenes look from the shoot. Check out the official video HERE.


Tyga: HNHH Digital Cover BTS

For all his success, Tyga is far from where he wants to be in his career, and he intends for his upcoming mixtape ‘Bitch Im The Shit 2’ to silence the haters and engender respect for him in the hip hop community that is equivalent to his talent. “HNHH believes Tyga is one of the most compelling figures in hip hop, which is why we have made him our next digital cover star.”


YG BTS: HNHH Digital Cover Shoot

Today HNHH is excited to unveil thier next digital cover story subject: YG. “Although it’s been two years since his acclaimed debut, he hasn’t just been bicken back being bool. He’s been going through it all (beefing with his BFF, getting shot, becoming a parent, need I say more), while honing in on a more refined and mature sound (which you will hear on “Still Brazy”). Suffice to say, he’s got a lot to say, whether it’s on the album or in our cover story.”

Check out the the Behind The Scenes video of Tyga’s “40 MILL” from his upcoming project ‘The Gold Album.’ The video shows T-Raww inside of an old church, praying in the pews and even laying inside of a coffin. We get to hear some of the director’s thoughts on the video’s concept, with him saying that there will be “two stories going on at once.” Stay tuned for the video!

Just recently Casey Veggies linked up with IAMSU! & YG to film the official video for his newest single “Backflip.” With a whole bunch of #YoungCalifornia in one scene, you have to hit the jump so you can catch some behind the scene photos courtesy of Porterhouse LA. Stay tuned for the video coming soon![more…]


Peep the behind the scenes footage of YG’s upcoming video for “BickEen Back Being Bool” video via Karen Civil. As you would assume, YG shut down the streets of Compton, again. Stay tuned for the the video coming soon!


Kid Ink’s “Show Me” took off in a huge this year and now Ink is back another single which reunites the team behind his recent smash. With Mustard behind the boards and Chris on the hook, “Main Chick” is looking like another hit, and the video is now getting the official video treatment. No word on when we’ll get the official visuals, but peep what you can see now above!

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