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G Perico ‘Guess What’ EP

South Central’s very own G Perico is back with a new EP, the follow up to his ‘2 Tha Left’ project that dropped less than a year ago. In total you get 7 tracks with features from two artists on his “Play Wit It” record. As he said on his Instagram link, “This the warm up,” Perico says about his Guess What EP. “Got about 200 songs ready to go after this.” Pick it up HERE and let us know your favorite tracks! Enjoy!

We got a Young California look today as the legend E-40 links up with Vince Staples & G Perico for the “Ain’t Talking Bout Nothing” visual, a track seen from his new album ‘The Gift of Gab.’ Turn up with the trio under neon lights above, pick up the project and tune in for more content on the way. Yee!


Coca Vision: G Perico

On this episode, Fat Joe is joined by the Los Angeles own, G Perico. They discuss Perico’s tough journey to correct his life in order to pursue his career, his musical influences and more. Fat Joe and G Perico also trade stories about near-fatal moments they’ve experienced, that they can comfortably look back and laugh about. Check it out above.

With the news of Greedo going in, Nocando and Jeff sit down to discuss the recent renaissance of LA rap, gang culture, and the systemic and history of the LAPD. Then starting at the 34 minute mark, Jeff talks to the young Broadway legend, G Perico about everything from The Doors to cultural appropriation, his desire to create a timeless of body of work to growing up on The Hot Boys. Listen below.


G Perico “What You Thinkin”

South Central, Los Angeles rapper G Perico has established himself as one of the most promising and consistently great voices in West Coast hip hop with his updated take on classic gangster rap. G Perico is now sharing a new solo track entitled “What You Thinkin” produced by Dupri. Check it out below and stay tuned for a major announcement in the near future.


G Perico: Before the Stage

With one of the most memorable albums of 2017, G Perico came to FADER FORT to show Austin how to have a good time, L.A. style. The FADER shot some behind the scenes footage of our event, to give everyone a feel for what it was like if they weren’t able to make it down to Texas. The footage was recorded with a Google VR camera, so if you have access to a headset, you can step into the experience of having a good time with G Perico.

On the latest episode of GGN, G Perico joins Uncle Snoop in the studio to share stories from their kindred past and soak up game from the OG. The duo breaks down what it’s like to grow up inside of LA’s notorious gang scene, why Jheri Curl is so important to the culture and what it feels like to sell out shows from New York City to Sunset Boulevard.

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