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P-Lo “Yee Cap #2” Vlog

P-Lo is back with his Yee Cap vlog properly titled “Ahh Sh*T Here We Go Again”. This time we follow him down south to Texas for the JMBLYA festival. Press play to tap in with the self proclaimed hyphy heartthrob.


HBK Gang: Day in the Life

The HBK Gang burst onto the national scene with the hits “Gas Pedal” and “Red Nose” as you know! So, during recent a recent concert and in-store event to mark “HBK Day” and the release of a new EP, rapper IAMSU! and other members talked about their rise and their message. Check that out above.


HBK Gang: From House Parties to Hit Tracks

With nearly a dozen members (and counting), it’s more of a flock than a group. But every member knows what HBK truly is: a family. And like in every family, things aren’t always peaceful, but at the end of the day, they all share a mutual love and respect for each other. In this video, sponsored by Toyota Corolla, you’ll hear about HBK’s humble beginnings, and how its members joined together to elevate their games, both individually and as a unit.


HBK Gang: All About That Base

Music is a communal experience. It is an interactive art form unlike, say, painting or sculpting. Songs are created for the sake of others’ hearing them, and without that connection, they would be rendered rather meaningless. The HBK Gang’s members are very aware of how sacred their relationships with their fans are, and always strive to find ways to give that love back. In this video, sponsored by Toyota Camry, the members discuss their gratitude for the successes they’ve had, as well as their hopes for where they go from here.


HBK Gang: Strength in Numbers

Hip-Hop comes in many forms, from visceral, angry tracks full of violent imagery, to heartbreakingly honest ballads about love and loss. In the video above, sponsored by Toyota Camry, members of the HBK Gang discuss the importance of being positive in the message their music brings, and how they’re always there to lean on each other when times get tough.


HBK Gang: Crossing Over

In the video above, sponsored by Toyota Corolla, members of the HBK Gang discuss some of the seminal benchmarks when they realized they were starting to cross over into something bigger. They also discuss the sacrifices they’ve made to get to where they are, and the responsibility they feel as role models to young artists of color.

Bay Area native IAMSU! has done an exceptional job at pushing the California based sound to the masses while also managing to becoming the new face of the Bay Area. Before gearing up for the Under The Influence of Music Tour, he chopped it up with 106 KMEL’s Shay Diddy to discuss his favorite sneakers, how his Mother feels about his rap career, as well as what is was like meeting Wiz Khalifa for the first time.

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