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Hella Juiced: Compton Av

Compton Av is everything his name embodies: a rapper who grew up on Compton Ave. Exploding onto the West Coast with bangers “Run Me My Money” and “Money Dance,” songs guaranteed to turn the function all the way up, the Los Angeles spitter is the godfather of this ratchet hip-hop genre, which includes originating Blueface’s “Thothiana” dance. Read more…


Hella Juiced: Dezzy Hollow


Dezzy Hollow is here to make sure the genre of G-funk is alive and kicking. Inspired by the late Nate Dogg, the Oceanside MC follows the footprints of Nipsey Hussle, another legendary rap figure gone too soon. It was in high school where Dezzy unleashed multiple mixtapes, soon attracting a local buzz in his town. With hard work, dedication, and passion, the result is a growing fanbase, yielding increasing streams and views daily. Read more…


Hella Juiced: Steven G

Steven G is the newest face out of the Crenshaw district in Los Angeles. The songwriter, singer, and rapper blew up after doing Mozzy’s “Sleep Walkin” challenge, which gained him thousands of followers on Instagram almost instantly. Most recently, he unleashed his new project ShowGreat3, which hails standout single “Super Villian.” He spits, “It ain’t safe, I’m on the beat look who drops in!” Read more..


Hella Juiced: Stinje


Riding along with Berner automatically makes you a Bay Area favorite, but Stinje actually hails from Russia. Moving to America at the age of 7 and growing up in the Bay Area, it was at age 16 when he fell in love with music. Specifically, producing and making beats. Read more…


Hella Juiced: Narissa

Narissa is here to shake up the West Coast with her charm, bars, and lashes. Hailing from Crenshaw district/Slauson area, the “Pull Party” rapper recently opened up shop, placing a gorgeous pink Lash Trap down the street from Nipsey Hussle’s Marathon Store. While lashes gave her the bread she needed for the past 6 years, she’s ready to retire and turn it all the way up with the music. Read more…


Hella Juiced: Lil Yee

If you were at Nipsey Hussle’s show at The Warfield in San Francisco, chances are you saw him bring Lil Yee out to the stage (alongside fellow Bay Area rapper Prezi). Real recognize real from the Bay to LA — the cosign doesn’t get any bigger than this on the West Coast. Read more…


Hella Juiced: Derek King

Derek King brings his Bay Area swag and flavor into the R&B game, any chance he gets. After years in hip-hop and receiving the short end of the stick with his major label deal, the rapper turned to singing — a lane that has proven him more success than he could imagine. Read more…

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