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Slidin’ Thru: Naomi August

Naomi August is here to carve her own lane in the industry, both sonically and professionally. Aside from the fact that she produces and makes beats herself, the singer-songwriter proves you don’t have to chase a trend or be someone you’re not to be seen or heard, and that talents alone suffice. Read more…


Hella Juiced: Kayo Genesis

Kayo Genesis is a music artist, director, graphic designer, and animator, whose main goal is to create music to his fullest potential. Splitting his time between his hometown of Palmdale and North Hollywood where the studios are, real name Kalik Osborne creates his own wave, intertwining his wit and intelligence with his own personal life experiences. Read more…

In this episode of Music Critic, Anderson Paak reviews this week’s hits: Grimes’ “We appreciate power”, Darwin Derby’s “Vulfpeck”, XXXtentacion’s “Bad”, Ice Cube’s “Arrest the president.” Check it out up top!


Slidin’ Thru: Shaylen

Shaylen is here to turn her pop dreams into a reality. After a 10-year run with pop group Savvy, the Tennessee born, Texas-raised singer-songwriter is ready to turn her efforts into her own solo artistry. The group was managed by the Jonas Brothers’ dad, and proceeded to have a TV show on Starz Kids & Family before signing with Cash Money. Read more…


Hella Juiced: Lil Boii Kantu

Lil Boii Kantu is a rockstar, someone he describes as “an innovator of the new sound.” Hailing from Murrieta but now finding his new home in Los Angeles, the singer, songwriter, and rapper is here to entertain the masses with his explosive energy and unique blend of musical genres. Read more…


Slidin’ Thru: Wicca Phase Springs Eternal

Wicca Phase Springs Eternal is here to make sure his music is heard in the most authentic way. Putting on the subgenre of “emo trap,” the singer-songwriter paved the way for the rise and reign of Lil Peep. Hailing from Pennsylvania where he most often records, real name Adam McIlwee is the founder of the GothBoiClique, recalling the early days when Peep had just joined the collective, singing background harmonies to everyone’s songs on stage. Read more…

Backstage at Billboard’s 2018 Women in Music event, Anderson .Paak discusses how diversity in music can help drive innovation and how he has turned failure into success. Check it out above!

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