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G-Worthy EP (G Perico, Jay Worthy & Cardo)

g-worthy-g-perico-jay-worthy-cardo-The newest group out of Los Angeles, California is complied with South Central’s G-Perico, Compton’s Jay Worthy and Cardo — to form the trio G-Worthy. They are here today to drop their self-titled EP which holds six tracks with features from Diamond Ortiz and Polyester. These are some real bangers, so listen in below and let us know your favorite tracks from it. Read more…

g-perico-jay-worthy-cardo-g-worthy-never-missThere’s a new group forming in Los Angeles with G-Perico, Jay Worthy and producer Cardo teaming up for G-Worthy. They have debuted their brand new track entitled “Never Miss” featuring the likes of Diamond Ortiz & Polyester. Do yourself a favor and listen in below and keep your eyes and ears out for what this group does next. Enjoy!

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