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Don’t know how we missed this, but Nipsey Hussle stopped by Sway in the Morning a few weeks ago to talk about his ‘Victory Lap’ project, Kendrick Lamar, Dididy, Cee-Lo and more. Check it out above in the nearly 30 minute look and enjoy!

Earlier this month, Nipsey Hussle sat-down with Tariq Nasheed to promote his new album ‘Victory Lap.’ He talks about his life in the LA streets, rappers to get love from his town, he, the importance of being respectful to other people’s neighborhoods and more. Check it out above.

Nipsey Hussle sits down with Pitchfork for their Over/Under series to talk about everything from naked yoga, Vanilla Ice, pit bulls, horseback riding, snake charming, and more. Peep it above and let us know if you agree in the comments. Enjoy!

Nipsey Hussle’s long-awaited debut album ‘Victory Lap’ is finally here, and one of its standout tracks features a familiar sample. “Hussle & Motivate” is built around a sample of JAY-Z’s “Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem),” itself a sample of “It’s The Hard Knock Life” from the 1982 film version of the musical ‘Annie.’ While Nipsey doesn’t use any of the vocals Jay did, the song’s beat borrows elements of the ‘Annie’ original.

Nipsey Hussle came by the KMEL VIP Lounge to give an audience of radio winners an exclusive first-look at his new album “Victory Lap.” Check it out above and make sure you grab the album if you don’t already have it! Enjoy!

For the record, Nipsey Hussle never once said that his ideas weren’t wild and crazy. After a brief stint with Epic Records in 2010, Nipsey scoffed at the concept of being on a major label, in hopes of gaining traction as an independent artist on the rap circuit. Read more…

The inaugural episode features Los Angeles-bred rapper Nipsey Hussle fresh off the release of his debut album ‘Victory Lap’. The two Hip Hop aficionados pull up a stool at the soul food restaurant Comfort LA where they discuss a bevy of topics, including Nipsey’s deal with Atlantic Records and the sacrifices he had to make in his personal life to get to where he is today. Peep it above!

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