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Bay Area with G-Eazy, E-40 (NOISEY)

Last night VICELAND debuted the second season of its music documentary series, Noisey. They start off in the Bay Area talking police brutality and gentrification mean Black Lives Matter plays a big role in Bay Area rap culture. G-Eazy, E-40, Nef the Pharoah and more explore these topics. Check out the entire, full episode above and let us know what you think.

1473631050655-1473535526ty_dolla_19If there is an ideal life to be led on this crazy, contradiction-filled planet of ours, it probably looks something like Ty Dolla $ign’s. Not so much in the obvious ways you might gather from his music—which, to be fair, is a world of uninterrupted hedonism filled with enormous blunts and girls lining up for elaborate sex—but rather in the way he carries himself. Ty is relaxed and friendly, engaged with the people around him and in the way he acts as a musician. Read more…


YG and the Therapist (Trailer)

Shot three times by unidentified gunmen, YG turned to alcohol to cope with his paranoia. A few weeks before the release of his new record ‘Still Brazy,’ NOISEY filmed YG’s first attempt at therapy. Peep the trailer above and keep it locked in for the official drop.

The sixth and final installment of Noisey Bompton takes us to a barbershop with a studio in the back room, and shows the length at which people in inner city communities will go to better their lives. Kendrick Lamar expresses how much he loves the city of Compton, and how he plans to take the city with him wherever his success takes him. Peep it above!

Religion plays an important role alongside stories of Compton gang life in the music of Kendrick Lamar. In the fourth of six segments of Noisey Bompton, they pay a visit to the Greater Zion Family Church and talk to Pastor Michael Fisher about what he thinks the role of gangster rap is in the community and whether crime in Compton is actually receding. Then, we head to Campanella Park, the heart of Piru gang territory, to talk to Kendrick’s friend about his experiences growing up Piru and becoming involved in the ongoing back-and-forth with the neighboring Crips.

In the third of six segments of Noisey Bompton, they stop in on an internet radio show with the Bompton artists as they promote their music and take a trip to a hotel later that night to find out how rapper Kalifornia King Special pays his bills. Then, we spend some time on Rosecrans Avenue with Hitta J3, whose song “Do Yo Gudda” has become Compton’s latest dance craze. Surrounded by four generations of family, J3 and his mother share stories of the effects gang life has had on their family and neighborhood.

Compton, California, is known for launching the rap careers of stars like Kendrick Lamar, and music provides a promising avenue out of the community’s cycle of violence. In the second of six segments of Noisey Bompton, Noisey spend a day with Kendrick’s childhood friend Lil L, who’s pursuing his own musical ambitions. L’s grandma invites us over for a gumbo dinner and shares her experiences as a mother and grandmother who’s lived in Compton since 1965.

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