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We are getting closer to the release of Spider-Man and today you get a new look at some of the open-world sites recreated from real-life New York City and some that only exist in the Marvel universe. Check it out above and let us know if you’ll be picking it up in a few weeks. Enjoy!

The VR system is currently codenamed Project Morpheus, and it will work with PlayStation 4. The Morpheus is the “culmination of our work over the last three years to realize our vision of VR for games, and to push the boundaries of play.” The headset uses a 1080p LCD, offers a 90-degree field of view, and will integrate with the PlayStation Camera for tracking and PlayStation Move for motion control. The company says the headset doesn’t put weight on your nose or cheeks, and its design allows for airflow without the lenses fogging up. Learn more about it HERE.


Check out the official Madden NFL 25 Gameplay Trailer for Xbox One & PS4 featuring EA Sports’  brand new Ignite engine. EA is trying to bridge the gap between real and virtual in terms of appearance and intelligence with Madden 25. How will they do that? Find out everything you need to know HERE and stay tuned for August 27th, the release date!


Playstation 4 Announced

Sony revealed their next generation console today at their Playstation 2013 event. The Playstation 4 is being promoted as a “supercharged PC” with incredibly life-like real-time graphics and cloud streaming. The new Dualshock 4 controller features a touch pad on the front, a light bar to identify players, a share button and a stereo 3D camera bar that tracks the position of the controller. The ability to stream games allows players to instantly hop in and play a demo without the need to download it! [more…]

If you decide to purchase it, you can begin to play the game instantly while it’s downloading. PS1, PS2, or PS3 games will be available with the touch of a button and with remote play you will be able to transfer seamlessly from your TV screen to your PS Vita. The new share feature allows for instant recording and sharing of gameplay, live spectating, and the ability to post comments on your friends’ game screen while they are playing. You can even have a friend play your game remotely if you ever get stuck and need help. The actual game console was not shown today and most likely will be shown at E3 this June. The Playstation 4 is scheduled for release this Holiday 2013. For more information click HERE.

-King Padmore

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