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Open Space: Rexx Life Raj

Rexx Life Raj was raised under the influence of a Black Panther—not in Wakanda but in Berekely, CA, where his father was affiliated with the Black Panther Party. “My pops really fucked with Malcolm X,” the rapper explained during a recent visit to MASS APPEAL HQ. “Anything that was pro Black and for the people he was about. That was one of the main things he instilled in me, being conscious of who I am in society as a black man. And also being for the people. That’s what the party was—being for the people.”


Rexx Life Raj “Never Had Sh*t” Video

Rexx Life Raj has returned to his ‘Father Figure 2: Flourish’ project for the “Never Had Shit” video. The record and video shows Rexx broke and out of options, but with responsibilities he needs to take care of. See what happens when he takes action above. Enjoy!


Rexx Life Raj “Not My Friend” Video

Rexx Life Raj returns to his album ‘Father Figure 2’ for his newest visual “Not My Friend.” The video is super-creative as Raj talks about his relationships with friends as he becomes more successful. Watch the loop happen above! Yee!


Hella Juiced: Rexx Life Raj

If you’re from the Bay, you’re probably very familiar with Rexx Life Raj. If you’re not, listen to “Handheld GPS,” and you’ll be sold. Not only does the Berkeley rapper carry the West Coast’s signature sound, his versatility and ability to include substance in his lyrics proves his worth in this rap game. Read more…

Continuing with the onslaught of music, Rexx Life Raj is back with the follow up to his debut album, ‘Father Figure.’ Led by singles making there way from coast to coast and features from artists like G-Eazy, Russ & Iman Europe, the 15 tracks don’t disappoint. Make sure you grab it HERE and let us know what tracks are at the top of your list. Yee!

Rexx Life Raj is getting ready to drop his new album ‘Father Figure 2: Flourish’ in two days on November 17th. Just before that releases he drops a brand new track featuring G-Eazy entitled “Forever Lit.” Listen in below and tune back in Friday for the project. Yee!


Rexx Life Raj “Where I Belong” Video

Rexx Life Raj is back with a brand new video for his song “Where I Belong.” In the Gino-directed visual, the Berkeley artist takes in some stunning coastline views. “Sometimes you have to go to Drake’s Bay to shoot a beautiful ass video because you want to capture the same essence that you put into the song.” His ‘Father Figure 2: Flourish’ drops this Friday, so tune back in for that and peep it above.

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