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Slidin’ Thru: ZaeHD & CEO

There are many incredible rap groups to date, one being Migos as a rap trio. But on the duo side of things, ZaeHD and CEO are the new kids in town. Hailing from Little Rock, Arkansas, the 20 and 19-year-old respectively actually both don’t remember how they met each other. 100 interviews deep and still at a loss of words when asked the question, the two dancers turned artists vibe like yin and yang. Read more..


YG BTS: HNHH Digital Cover Shoot

Today HNHH is excited to unveil thier next digital cover story subject: YG. “Although it’s been two years since his acclaimed debut, he hasn’t just been bicken back being bool. He’s been going through it all (beefing with his BFF, getting shot, becoming a parent, need I say more), while honing in on a more refined and mature sound (which you will hear on “Still Brazy”). Suffice to say, he’s got a lot to say, whether it’s on the album or in our cover story.”

For his first Rolling Stones cover shoot, the hip-hop superstar took us on a trip down the streets that made him. To read some of the gripping stories and insights that he shared, check out the full interview HERE and grab a copy as it hits shelves tomorrow!

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