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Slidin Thru’: Blake Yung

Blake Yung is no longer remaining “Low Key,” as evidenced in his long-awaited debut single. The South Carolina native formerly known as Capo Cheeze is the definition of versatile, finding his identity as a former rockstar turned MC. The 28-year-old is no stranger to the entertainment industry — a walking testimony to all those with a dollar and a dream. Read more..


Slidin’ Thru: Gianni & Kyle

Gianni & Kyle are the modern day Justin Timberlake and Drake combined in one. The pop/hip-hop music duo arrive in Los Angeles by way of Maryland, officially making it their life-long goal to create music that both sound good and feel good to all those who hear it. Read more…


Slidin’ Thru: Darnell Williams

Darnell Williams is here to step out from behind the lens and into the spotlight with his own artistry. The 27-year-old describes himself as the ultimate artist, which includes directing, writing, screenwriting, and rapping. As far as the latter, he plans to become the biggest artist the game has ever seen. Read more…


Slidin’ Thru: PlayboyXO

“Playboy on this bitch, but he ain’t playin’ though!” PlayboyXO has had much success as a producer, as evidenced by his producer tag. In fact, he claims hearing those words alone is an immediate indicator that the song is a slap. Playboy is the genius behind two of NBA Youngboy’s biggest hits: “Genie”, currently over 207M views on Youtube alone, and “No Mentions,” currently over 90M views. Read more…


Slidin’ Thru: Blacc Zacc

Blacc Zacc is the type of person who makes sure everybody around him is eating. Hailing from South Carolina and probably one of the most iced-out individuals you’ll meet out his hometown of Colombia, real name Zachary Chapman is a rapper, entrepreneur, label-owner, and father, who is not stopping until he reaches the top. Read more..


Slidin’ Thru: Yoko Twazy & Zero

Yoko Twazy and Zero are the dynamic duo, ready to take this rap game by storm at any given moment. While they both are artists in their own right, they recently conjoined to unleash a 5-track EP titled Kismet. From the project comes standout single “Heartbeat,” laced with all the emotions stemming from life, love, lust, and all the in between. Read more…


Slidin’ Thru: Noell

Noell is ready to let the R&B game know who she is and what she stands for. Hailing from Maryland, the singer-songwriter describes her music in two parts: soulful R&B and urban R&B — the latter diving more into the hip-hop lane. Regardless, every song is different and created with the utmost honesty and authenticity. Read more..

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