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Slidin’ Thru: HappyBirthdayCalvin

HappyBirthdayCalvin arrives with a smile on his face, reminding you to be happy and treat EVERY day like it’s your birthday. The 17-year-old rapper and producer hails from the West Side of Chicago and has experienced what the average kid from the hood went through growing up. At the end of the day, Calvin aims to be real, authentic, and grandiose. Read more…


Slidin’ Thru: Enzo Mcfly


Enzo McFly is a true leader and visionary, priding himself in nothing short of 100% authenticity in his raps. His goal? To motivate hustlers all around the world. The 20-real-old describes his music as “vibrant,” keeping everything from his content to his actions as bright as possible. Read more…


Slidin’ Thru: Iann Dior

Iann Dior is here to create music for the rest of the world to relate, laying his most personal feelings and emotions over a beautiful soundscape for audiences to enjoy. With a sound laying somewhere in the midst of rap, R&B, and rock, the Corpus Christi, Texas native has been growing his numbers daily in the most organic way possible. Read more…


Slidin’ Thru: Sammy Wilk

Sammy Wilk is here to bless the music game with his soft buttery vocals, simultaneously shutting down stages all across the world. Hailing from Omaha, Nebraska, the singer-songwriter grew up an athlete, but it was senior year of high school when he realized he could write music. Arriving in sunny Los Angeles in 2015, he began to evolve not only as an artist, but as a human being. Read more..


Slidin’ Thru: Phresher


Phresher’s energy is unmatched. Hailing from Brooklyn, the East Coast rapper brings a breath of fresh air into the rap game, combining spit-fire flows over hard-hitting production while preserving the lyricism and bars the OGs of hip-hop birthed. In 2016, he unleashed his breakout single “Wait A Minute,” which had 50 Cent calling his phone directly to hop on the remix. Read more…


Slidin’ Thru: TJ Porter


TJ Porter is here to put Harlem on the map. At just 19 years old, the “Harlem” rapper celebrates his new deal on Def Jam’s Undisputed roster, proving anybody can make it out the mud as long as they work hard, stay focused, and stay passionate. Everything he talks about in his lyrics are real and genuine, based off real-life experiences growing up in the hood. Read more…


Slidin’ Thru: Kash Prez

Kash Prez is the “hottest youngin’ on the rise from the Bahamas,” in his own words. Born in Broward County, South Florida but raised in The Bahamas, it was in 2012 when he came back to the States. The East Coast spitter prides himself on being a role model for anybody who’s trying to make it out the streets and make something of themselves. Read more…

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