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Coca Vision: G Perico

On this episode, Fat Joe is joined by the Los Angeles own, G Perico. They discuss Perico’s tough journey to correct his life in order to pursue his career, his musical influences and more. Fat Joe and G Perico also trade stories about near-fatal moments they’ve experienced, that they can comfortably look back and laugh about. Check it out above.

screen-shot-2016-09-26-at-11-03-07-amYou want that Cali vibe but can’t get to the West coast anytime soon? Dj Amen, from Young California has you covered with this playlist of hits from L.A. to the Bay. Young California is a collective of Cali’s hottest DJ’s including Dj Amen, DJ Carisma, Dre Sinatra, DJ Shabazz and more, infiltrating the club, radio, and underground for your enjoyment. Listen in HERE via Tidal.

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