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Buddy’s ‘Tiny Desk Concert’

When Buddy, a preacher’s son from Compton, turns to me with eyebrows raised on the elevator ride inside NPR’s corporate headquarters, it’s hard to tell if the question that comes next is in preparation for his performance or pure provocation. Read more HERE and check it out in the player above. Enjoy!


Tyler, The Creator: Tiny Desk Concert

Tyler, The Creator recently stopped by NPR Music for his first ever ‘Tiny Desk Concert’ where he performed three songs from his ‘Flower Boy’ album. Joining him was Jaret Landon Williams, André Marc Pinckney, Dalton Hodo, Kiandra Shanece Richardson and Kimberly Jefferson. Peep everything that went down above!


Miguel: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert


Miguel turned up in the NPR Music offices early one morning accompanied by just his guitarist. Miguel went big on small gestures — ingratiating ad libs and voice control that kept the songs close to his chest but emotive enough to translate to the back of the room. He told NPR he wrote his Grammy-nominated song “Adorn” with no idea that it would take him to our tiny stage. The set list above includes, “Do You…, The Thrill & Adorn.” Enjoy!

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